Holy God (Revelation 4:8). In Revelation 4:8 we read that throughout eternity, praises rise from around the throne of God […]

Merciful God (Deuteronomy 4: 31). In (Deuteronomy 4: 31), God says to Israel, “For the Lord your God is merciful […]

The Righteous Judge (Psalm 7: 11). In (Psalm 7:11-12), David writes, “God is a righteous Judge, yes, a God Who […]

Counselor (Isaiah 9: 6). Scripture tells us that God is also our Counselor: For unto us a child is born, […]

Wonderful (Isaiah 9: 6). The only time in Scipture the word “wonderful” is specifically used as a name of God […]

Redeemer ( Isaiah 48: 17). In (Isaiah 48:17), we read, “This is what the Lord says, – Your Redeemer, the […]

The Lord My Song (Exodus 15:2). In Exodus 15, after God led the Israelites on dry ground through the Red […]

Father of Lights (James 1: 17). In (James 1: 17), we read, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is […]