Shoe Your Feet with the Preparation of the Gospel of peace (Ephesians 6: 15)

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Shoe Your Feet with the Preparation of the Gospel of peace (Ephesians 6: 15. Every soldier learns to protect his feet. They have special shoes or boots for that purpose. Roman soldiers had strong military shoes studded on the bottom of the soles in a way similar to cleats. Properly shod feet can stand strong against the enemy and keep from slipping. As a prayer warrior, we need to have the foundation we walk in to be solid and protective. The good news is Jesus already prepared that for us. Having peace with God and peace in God is an unshakable foundation from which we can defend ourselves and stay standing strong.

The word “preparation” means that the gospel of pecae has already been accomplished. That is, it is already prepared for you. You just have to walk in it. God has peace for us that is beyond our comprehension. It is not that we can’t imagine having peace; it’s just that we can’t imagine having that kind of peace in the midst of the things we experience here on earth.

The enemy wants to steal our peace and keep us stirrred up, anxious, fearful, upset, and always in a stance of waiting for something terrible to happen at any minute. The enemy wants us unable to forget the terrible things that occurred in the past and instead remember them as though they happened yesterday. God has healing for upsetting memories. It’s not that He gives us amnesia. We still remember that it happened, but not incessantly and not with the same pain and torture.

Peace is more than just having a good nigh’s sleep-although many people would think even that to be a miracle-but it is peace in every part of your being all the time. It is a place you live because of the One who lives on you.

Jesus made it possible for us to have the peace that passed all understanding the kind that carried us, stabilizes us, ground us, and keeps us from slipping.

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