Take the Helmet of Salvation (Ephesians 6: 17)

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Take the Helmet of Salvation (Ephesians 6: 17). The helmet protects a soldier’s head. Our spiritual helmet protects our head as well. And what does our head most need protection from? The lies of the enemy, of course. The enemy wants to keep you from understanding and living in all that salvation means for you. He wants you blinded to everything Jesus died for you to have. He wants you convinced that you are worthless, rejected, weak, bad, unimportant, hopeless, and unlovable. Or if he can’t get you to think that way, he tempts you to go in the opposite direction and be full of pride. Either way, you fall.

Too often, wrong thoughts about ourselves usually have a root somewhere in our childhood. Certain misguided people caused us to come to the wrong conclusions about who we are, and the enemy never ceases to reinforce those ideas. He doesn’t want us to find out who we really are in the Lord and what God has for us. He wants to fill our minds with feelings of guilt, helplessness, and misery. He doesn’t want us to understand all that Jesus did for us on the cross because he knows when we put on that helmet of salvation and are transformed through the renewing of our mind, we will be able to see ourselves as God sees us-someone worth dying for.

God loves us, but we too often see ourselves as unloved. God sees us as chosen and accepted, but we may see ourselves as rejected. God sees us from the perspective of who He created us to be, but we too often see ourselves from our limitations instead of our possibilities. The helmet of salvation gives us a new perspective of ourselves that aligns with our heavenly Father’s view of us.

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